Superkop Black

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Dimensions & weight

Packaging: 40 x 40 x 21 cm. Weight 10KG.
Stand version: W: 31cm D: 28cm H: 47cm Handle down | 71cm Handle up
Wall version: W: 23cm D: 23cm H: 47cm Handle down | 71cm Handle up

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How it works

  • The process of making the espresso is simple, fast and enjoyable
  • Superkop doesn’t need maintenance or much cleaning
  • There are no electric components, and every part serves a purpose
  • You can use it stand alone, or fixed to your wall

The process of making espresso with Superkop is simple, fast and enjoyable

Creating your espresso

Grind the beans

Grind the beans or use ground beans, fill your portafilter and tamp the coffee
Prepping for coffee

Add boiling water

Place the cup on the portafilter, pour boiling water into the cup and slide the combination into the device
Superkop Black wall version

Pull the lever

Pull the lever five times and push it gently to release the piston. Enjoy your espresso!

All Superkop machines are uniquely numbered. You’ll receive a certificate with your number for your records.

Superkop label